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Here at Crazy Career, we are already exploring the use of the ADA chain inside game code via the power of Adrestia. As well as exploring Smart Contracts via the amazing Marlowe Playground in anticipation of Goguen towards the end of '20.

During the Shelley Test Net, we successfully connected  multiplayer game code to Fake ADA wallets; special thanks to the ADA Pool operators in the community for joining in on our successful test.

Game Controller

The next step is to complete our blueprint design and to build out our framework for Games connected to Smart Contracts, Prism (for identity) and Adrestria for wallet integration.

Our end goal is to deliver games which can be played seamlessly by multiple players across a variety of channels; such as browser via this site, mobile, installed on desktop, inside wallets such as Daedalus and eventually into the console market.

Image by Neven Krcmarek



Shortly, Crazy Career will deliver a concept game that will enable players to play against each other and have in game assets and money on the blockchain; i.e. using their ADA or other Native Asset.

Subject to laws and licenses



As Cardano and the community start to deliver more services, we'll bring more advanced games that will be:

  • Honest - the chain can be examined

  • Available - the chain is always on

  • Decentralised - the chain is run by many

This will help drive further adoption of blockchain technology and bring desirability to the ADA and Native Assets.

What are we currently working on?


We've built a couple of prototypes of the gameplay; we've been targetting a retro 80's style with modern day physics and some explosions!

  • Multiplayer's in mines
  • Different playing modes
  • Lots of monsters
  • TNT and Dynamite
  • Falling Rocks
  • Physics
  • Dynamic and mood setting lighting
  • Generated mines
  • Entrance fee to mine
  • Mine in-game resources
  • Exchange crypto for resources
  • Shop

We've built a couple of prototypes of the gameplay; we've been targetting a retro 80's style with modern day physics and some explosions!



During the Shelley Test Net phase, we began prototyping a simplier game (in playing mechanics); enabling us to prove the wallet connectivity with Adrestia.

Unfortunately, with mainnet launch and all the testing leading up to it for pool operators, it stalled a little. On recommencement, we now realise that development is has become more complex because it requires REAL ADA to be tested!

  • 5 players at a table

  • Interactive chat

  • Multi-tables

We'll soon launch the web based game (without in game currency shortly), so that you will be able to test and try it.


The evolution we now need to make is to swap out the session logic for Smart Contract capability; i.e. instead of relying on our own server for the in-game levels and management of players, this will be driven into the blockchain.


We also need to replace our own code for trust and identity; therefore PRISM integration will provide us with that capability.;


However, your support is required!

Delegate to us to help fund the work

or if you want to donate, please contact us via Twitter, Facebook or our own Forums.

godot engine logo.png

For those interested, we are using the superb open source game development system called GODOT ENGINE.


Please click on the image above to go to visit their site!


The engine is open source, exports to multiple platforms and is extremely easy to use!



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